Doing business and being responsible: circular economy in a nutshell

Visiting Tim McAloone at DTU in Copenhagen, I am impressed by the amazing work that his group does on circular economy.

They have an extremely healthy way of looking at how we can combine an economic activity and a sustainable approach. They are practical, idealist, ethical, and offer us all a vision of how to do business in a responsible and profitable way.

They have developped a self assessment tool that everyone can try: it is the first assessment screening that allows manufacturing companies to see how ready are in the transition to Circular Economy. An important concept that Tim uses is the different between a « lagging criteria » or a « leading criteria ». The lagging criteria is an after the fact criteria of evaluation of things done while the leading criteria assess how ready you are to change or to anticipate the change.

Here is also an article that sums it up:

As well as this research article that you can find here :